Should Christians get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Today, the question is simple: “Should Christians get the COVID-19 Vaccine?” I want to apply a rather simple framework for you: is getting a vaccine anti-Biblical? The answer to this quickly depends on the nature by which the vaccine is brought about. You may have never researched vaccines, but if you have, we are typically told to get vaccines and not ask too many questions.

Well, here we are - my wife began to ask questions. Mostly because of our son, but it eventually turned into deeper thinking than I would have even anticipated. I did not realize their could be so many convictions when researching a medical vaccine. Ignorance is not only bliss, but once it is gone – it becomes so much harder to let others enjoy their bliss.

So, here I am- to ruin your bliss. Do research on vaccines and you’ll discover some things that are probably not going to sit well with your conscience. Some vaccines (mostly for the little new humans) include fetal tissue cells or (more commonly) use it in their research and development. Simply put? They use aborted babies to do their research. Easy to say, it is quite difficult to always know right from wrong, especially with vaccines.

When we took Luke to get his vaccines, they assumed we would be getting them. My wife admitted during her time in nursing school, she learned (essentially) nothing about vaccines. She learned about medication and several other medical necessities, but her time spent on vaccines was minimal. Her learning could be summed to one point from their instructors, “Several people are against vaccines, but they need not to be. They are good and not harmful, we as nurses need to reinforce that ideology.” A bit scary, isn’t it?

To summarize my point in this matter: Can Christians take a vaccine made from aborted babies? Should we feel okay with it? What about our convictions? Well, first thing to do is pray. Do you have an overwhelming conviction? If yes – abstain. If no – let us go a bit deeper. Do you have enough information? Do you have enough knowledge? Are you leaning on your carnal thinking/emotions/logic? We at our very core are sinful and without ability to discern correctly – we must look toward the Word.

We must first emphasize that we do not get to decide what is evil and good. Only God can. Secondly, on that same line of thinking – we cannot justify absolute evils and say, “it leads to good.” Evil is evil and only God can rightly define good. (note Romans 3:7-8) Another point that must be made is in regards to fear. We mustn’t be afraid as Christians. We mustn’t be afraid of COVID-19 or any sickness. Is it natural for us to have some fear? Certainly! Why though? Because we are carnal, human beings – we are riddled with flaws and mistakes. Is that to say fear is a mistake? Pretty much. Sometimes, perhaps we can argue God allows us sufficient fear that we act in wisdom for the lives we each lead. But, I would hardly argue that to be the case with vaccines. Aren’t most of the “anti-covid-vaxers” not getting the vaccine because, “I don’t know what is in it.” Or, “I don’t want to be the first group of people to test it.” Essentially, many of the “anti-covid-vaxers” are only abstaining due to fear. Admittedly, I don’t want to get it until it has been injected into others first. I will wait awhile and watch what happens.

So to answer the question, the entire reason for even writing to you today. Should Christians get the COVID-19 Vaccine? My answer is maybe. Personally, I will not be getting it. I probably will never get something Joe Biden or Kamala Harris tell me to get. But, what other reasons you may ask?

1. I don’t trust in man-made solutions to sickness

2. I don’t have fear sickness or death - my life is God's own

3. I don’t want to (this soon, at least)

Often times, especially when you have a discussion about contraceptives or gun rights, people argue, “Well, God gave us a brain for a reason.” We are meant to use wisdom and discernment when handling this ever-entangling life. As an example, I may say, “I don’t carry a gun, God is my protector.” And you may respond, “God gave you wisdom, and access to a gun. God would have you pick the gun up to protect yourself – don’t be dumb.” Perhaps you are right, but my study and convictions don’t agree. My convictions are that I need not trust my own wisdom more than I trust in God. But this is not to say everyone has the same convictions. I am certain my life belongs to Him. It is His to do as He pleases, whether in life or in death. If I were to die tomorrow, I believe it to have been His will for my life. As hard as it may be for some to understand that, I have the upmost peace with it. My death is His.

Continuing in this vein, while I have you in agreement or in disagreement. Let me also suggest with the vaccine, you can trust a man-made solution (as a gun would be in self-defense), or you can trust your life is in God’s hands. You may hear from the back, “You would get the vaccine if you cared about others.” I will tell you now, that is a lie from the pit of hell. This vaccine is only allowing your anti-bodies to be built up – so when you (undoubtedly, at some point in your life) catch COVID-19, your symptoms will be lessened dramatically. It doesn’t keep you from catching COVID-19, it might only help you believe you (just) have a cold. Perhaps those that get the vaccine are more likely to spread the virus than less-likely. So, don’t buy that narrative.

All in all though – I actually am not against the COVID-19 vaccine based on my study. Do I find it wise to be an early (test) subject with the vaccine? No, I don’t. Do I find it anti-scriptural to receive the vaccine? Once again, no. Many vaccines are brought about from evil – and to those, I shout to you, “ABSTAIN FROM MAN-MADE GOOD BROUGHT FORTH BY EVIL.” However, this is not so with the current dilemma of COVID-19. I am not finding much to suggest the two vaccines are problematic from a Christian conviction angle. Simply put, I don’t believe there to be anything morally wrong with the current COVID-19 vaccines.

My son and myself likely will never get the vaccine – never in my adult life have I received a flu vaccine. Every year, every job, every person – "have you got your flu vax yet?" My reply? Resounding no, I have not- never needed it. I don’t plan on it either. In years past simply because I didn’t care to invest time into getting a vaccine. I am not a naturally sick person and never really thought the flu was that bad. Nor do I believe COVID-19 to be that bad (for someone of my age and health). It will eventually be the same with this COVID vaccine. It will (likely) be an annual (strain) update. The crowds will ask, “Did you get your vaccine(s) yet?” Presumably for the flu and the ever-developing COVID-19 strain(s). My reply will continue to be, no.

To reiterate again, would I? Probably not. Could I? Sure! The bottom line for me is this, the Bible says nothing in regards to modern medicine and what we should or should not partake of – including vaccines. There are no reasons to make other Christians follow your personal convictions. Perhaps open discussion can be beneficial, but never believing yourself to be right - only Scripture is right (to which, it gives us much to know for today's world). I write this to you to share my thoughts, but not judge you or force my will upon you. This is an area where each Christian must study the Word, study the vaccine and take it to the Lord in prayer. I reiterate, if this vaccine were brought in an evil way (fetal tissue cells) then my answer would be much different. But, because it was not, I will leave you with this question: What does God want you to do?

Think on it,


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