Election Day 2020 - God Will Win.

Introduction - Why I write on Politics

Let’s talk politics. I am not here to convince you which way to vote but explain my struggle through this election year. Admittedly, I am conservative and will likely make my liberal friends upset - but please, read this in love and grace. I would do the same for you and hope to be able to!

To be up-front with each of you, when this election began, I really wanted to vote for a third-party candidate. I truly want our elections to consist of three parties, rather than two. However, the far left liberal ideology has made it impossible to risk it. As much as I am not an avid Trump supporter, I’m left with no choice. His policies align most closely with Christian values. I did not want to make a political post, I kept telling myself, "focus on the Gospel message... Focus on the Gospel message..." But, I’m frustrated that those with a platform aren’t willing to take a stand - so I feel convicted to at least dedicate one article to this topic.

John Piper and Politics

Recently John Piper released an article titled Policies, Persons and Paths to Ruin [https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/policies-persons-and-paths-to-ruin]. His main argument is that Trump’s sins should not be overlooked. Rather, we should equate them as a possible equal (or worse) to what Biden brings to the table. He states, “I remain baffled that so many Christians consider the sins of unrepentant sexual immorality (porneia), unrepentant boastfulness (alazoneia), unrepentant vulgarity (aischrologia), unrepentant factiousness (dichostasiai), and the like, to be only toxic for our nation, while policies that endorse baby-killing, sex-switching, freedom-limiting, and socialistic overreach are viewed as deadly.”

He admits that Christians view these Trump characteristics as toxic – but wonders why we don’t view them as deadly. He goes on to argue that we should vote not solely on policy, but also character. I understand to an extent, I have no problem admitting I think Trump has bad character. I also have no problem saying he likely isn’t a Christian (or a really immature, unrepentant one). But what I do know is that I refused to vote for Trump four years ago – yet, I see a man who has done good for Christian policy over the past four years. He has appointed (genuine Christian-like) moral leadership anywhere he has been able. He is the first and only President to attend a Pro-Life rally. He has held up to his word to the Evangelical voters. Those Christians who voted for him four years ago should be pleased with his policies (yet, perhaps not his character). So those chanting, "he needs the evangelical vote, he's playing you." His four year track record would argue that he is genuinely invested in Christian opinion on policy.

Sam Storms says he is friends with John Piper and he wrote an article in disagreement. Admitting that he appreciates highlighting Trump’s deficiencies but by doing so, it is as if he is casting his vote for Biden.

“But here is what I want to say about John’s article on the importance of character in a candidate, or in the average man or woman. Bad character, destructive character, does not always manifest itself in bombastic speech and overt arrogance. Moral deficiencies in a person are, sadly, often hidden, but not for that reason any less destructive both personally and nationally. A person can be soft-spoken, courteous, and guarded in their speech while at the same time be as wicked and dangerous as the loud-mouthed jerk.” – Sam Storms

I simply find no areas where I can defend Biden. I cannot support or endorse a candidate that encourages ripping an unborn child limb-by-limb out of the womb, for that candidate has a wickedly depraved mind. He wants to place into law terminations of children up to 40 weeks gestation. My son, Luke, was at home cuddling, eating, engaging with us at that age (he was born pre-maturely). I will not support or endorse a candidate that encourages transgenderism at eight years old, saying we should have “ZERO DISCRIMINATION” against that eight year old. His mind is depraved, though perhaps his appeal is not.

"Biden, to me, seems to be desiring a Sodom and Gomorrah type of America – but with a front as sweet as honey." - RP

Biden, to me, seems to be desiring a Sodom and Gomorrah type of America - but with a front as sweet as honey. Let me ask you this, would you rather have an immoral man appointing moral men and creating moral policy – or, alternatively – an immoral man who "seems more moral" appointing immoral men and creating immoral policy?

Ironically, Piper wrote this in 2004 –

“Now, if you are dissatisfied today the way I am, why vote? The answer is that if you don’t, you are guilty of the very oversimplification you condemn. There is no escape from responsibility by pointing out the imperfections of leaders. That is the only kind of leaders there will ever be. Our calling in this world is not to wait for the arrival of the perfect, but to pick our way through the thicket of flaws.” – John Piper, Desiring God [2004]

Policy or Person?

By Piper’s own admission there will NEVER be a perfect leader. We will always have to struggle with imperfect candidates. But we must look to their policy. The absolute most immoral thing our country endorses is the slaughter of our innocent unborn children. This next section of quotes is from the YouTube series Wretched.

“Every time we deal with this issue… it is overlooking what abortion really is, we have forgotten it is the intentional taking of an innocent human being and we treat is like, ‘oh there’s other stuff too.’ But if you replace abortion with rape, every time, and it shocks people… It is because we have forgotten what abortion really is.” – Todd Friel, Wretched
“What is really bad is they lump abortion in with these other issues and create this moral stew of equivalency, when there is no moral equivalency. There is a world of difference between intentionally dismembering an innocent human being... and an contingent evil like war which may or may not be justified depending on the context and circumstances... The problem is these issues are not morally weighted equally. What would we think of a candidate who had an excellent health care plan, excellent economic forecast but thought it must remain legal for you to beat your wife? Would that candidate be disqualified? Of course! All issues are not equally weighted.” – Scott Klusendorf, Wretched

Interestingly, I have been following several Christian Leaders and learning from them who are anti-liberal agenda. I have been (somewhat) engaged in the ministries of John MacArthur, Jeff Durbin, Wretched TV, Sean Feucht, Allen Parr (from The Beat), Dr. Michael Brown and (obviously) my local Pastor. Seven, I repeat: SEVEN different voices that I have grown to trust (obviously, no one man is perfect - but I like much of what they teach). They each are radically different types of people. You have the old-school, Bible thumping, zero tolerance Pastor in MacArthur. You have the hip apologist/evangelist who is "reformed and understands grace" in Durbin. Dr. Brown who is a intelligent and charismatic Jew. And you have the ex-Bethel long-haired worship leader (or, hippie) who is all about Jesus and revival in Feucht. And my pastor, who is a radical prophetess woman. All very different, yet all are echoing the same thing – we cannot vote for someone endorsing the liberal agenda.

I have been engaged in these ministries because I believe God is doing something impactful through each of these men and woman. What is the common denominator amid their bewildering differences? They are all highly Anti-Liberal agenda. They view BLM and Abortion as dangerous to Christianity and Christian morals. I would not say any are screaming, “Yes! Go Trump!” but rather speaking as the prophet’s would speak and shouting, “No! You cannot in good conscience vote liberal.” I don’t think Durbin or MacArthur would endorse Feucht. MacArthur definitely would not endorse my Pastor (as she is a woman), but to me, they each are remaining Scripturally sound. It is a hard time to use your platform to defy the media and majority around us (or so they’d have you believe) – but I earnestly beg of you – if you are liberal, why?

"Nobody has to listen to the President swear and repeat it. But, if there are laws passed that take away religious liberty - well, that does impact you, doesn't it?" Todd Friel, Wretched

Friel argues that both character and policy are important (as does Dr. Brown) but that we cannot weigh moral character over moral policy. Policy becomes law and law becomes dictated. An immoral leader can cause immorality - but it does not require it. However, immoral policy enforces immorality and requires it.

We’re all one, right?

So why the separation? I know that most of the people conflicted on this issue and want to or will vote for Biden are Christian. I love that Wretched and Dr. Brown’s response to Piper is that they both know Piper has truth laced into his article. They both admit he is a Christian who will one day spend eternity with us in Heaven. I agree – Piper, as well as my liberal Christian friends (should) all be in Heaven together one day – by the grace of God. I want to focus on the Kingdom – but I fear that God’s heart is breaking over American slaughter. Yes, my plan for counteracting abortion is different than others – and some may view abortion as best fought through liberal agenda (which is a farce).

I know they want to vote for Biden because they believe it will bring more racial justice to our country and perhaps we’ll see less hate. David Platt argued we undermine unity – while excusing love brings about truth. So why? This is really what is stuck in my head. The last four years I have seen the character and fruit of amazing brothers and sisters in Christ – I know God is using them to accomplish His will. So why are they so liberal now? Do they not value the pro-life argument the way I do? Do they not see religious freedoms being stripped down under the liberal agenda? Do they not see the hate crimes becoming anti-Christian?

Honestly, I cannot quite figure it out – so I wanted to explain what I know to be true through all of this. God will give us what we are owed. God is sovereign over our government and president. Dr. Brown wrote an interesting article about a month ago saying perhaps we need Biden to win. Biden is not good for Christian morality – but perhaps the American Church would be better off spiritually if Biden was to win. Perhaps the persecution and regulation they place upon us will cause more “Feucht’s” to rise up. Perhaps we will experience a revival like we haven’t seen in ages.

I write all this not to convince you how to use your vote. I am bound to believe that God is sovereign and nothing we do will negate His will. He gave us Trump for the past four years. Was it good? Was it bad? Definitely experienced both – but, what does God have in store for the next four years? Bottom line – if you are a Christian friend of mine and you are liberal – I love challenging conversations. Let me understand you and then understand me. I promise it doesn’t change the love I have for you – I just need help understanding why, I really do.

We are one. God is sovereign over this election and our government. We, as Christians, are all focused on Kingdom advancement – in spite of Government decisions. Let us never say, “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” Because, whether Biden or Trump win – God gave us this President – and the fallout to follow. Let us remain in Christ and unified on the Gospel. But I did feel it would be a disservice to not use my platform to say I am Pro-Life and question why any of my brothers or sisters in Christ would not also be Pro-Life.

Most of my readers are likely conservative – but still, engage with my comment section. Do you have friends or family voting for Biden? Do you know the reasoning – scripturally at least? Is it the same as Piper? Is it the same as Platt? Do they not view abortion as an absolute evil? Do they disagree about the solution? Help me understand.

In the end - God will win. The Kingdom will win. Whether that be for persecution and the end of the age - or revival - or less change than we expect this election to hold. God will win. And God will make all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose.

If you made it this far- Thank you! Currently, I am locked out of my Facebook (with likely no return). Would you be a kind person and share this if you found value in it? I appreciate all of you greatly.

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