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This article is more for future reference. I want to be abundantly clear. I have a very difficult time labeling someone a "False Teacher." There is a show out now (American Gospel) that just about labels every one and their dog a false teacher. I did enjoy the show, but you have to keep in mind - many of these people also do not believe in any thing of a charismatic nature. Though I consider myself reformed, I also do not believe the completion of the Canon caused a cease in gifts of the spirit (i.e. prophecy, tongues and the such).

The list I have compiled is purely based on personal study and testing. Keep in mind, that I believe (nearly) every single person on my list can teach, preach and bring about a Godly message (from the Word of God). But, how often they do that - not so sure. Will it also be laced with some falsity - perhaps. Would there generalized thinking lead to new converts falling astray into strange doctrine - my greatest fear. Any strong Christian, who knows their word inside and out - can listen to any of these speakers and gain something from them. But take this list as if I am handing it over to a new Christian. Someone who is not well-versed in theology or doctrine.

So, without further ado - the list and the description for each list. Any of these individuals could drastically change positions on my list if they came out and made some new statement (i.e. Andy Stanley redacted "Unhitch from the Old Testament"). Also, side-note - the asterisks (*) will represent individuals that could move up or down depending on further study of their body of work.

Highly Recommend

  • Dr. Michael Brown

  • Voddie Baucham

  • Paul Washer

  • Jeff Durbin

  • Jeremiah Johnson

  • John Bevere

  • Billy Graham

  • Nabeel Qureshi

  • Charles Spurgeon

  • Francis Chan


  • Steven Furtick

  • Todd Friel

  • Franklin Graham

  • Costi Hinn

  • Matt Chandler*

  • Sam Storms

  • Craig Groeschel*

  • Tim Challies*

  • John MacArthur

  • Allen Parr (The BEAT)

  • Nick Campbell (Christ is the Cure)

Mostly Recommend

  • Michael Todd*

  • Tim Tebow

  • John Piper

  • Beth Moore*

  • Thom Rainer

  • Charles Stanley*

  • Social Club Misfits

At Times Recommend

  • David Platt

  • Jefferson Bethke*

  • Lecrae

  • Andy Mineo

  • TD Jakes

  • Todd White

  • Bill Johnson

Do Not Recommend

  • James MacDonald

  • Joyce Meyer

  • Sarah Young*

  • Andy Stanley

  • Carl Lentz

  • Chad Veach*

  • John Gray

  • Dave Ramsey

  • Shawn McCraney

  • Kenneth Copeland

  • Benny Hinn

  • Joel Osteen

If you are dying to know someone who is not on this list, then write me. I will try to set aside time to research their theology and doctrine. As someone who is viewed as a leader in my church, I think it is important to have a reference point for those who are looking to study outside of a typical church service (I pray they all do).

I really do not know very many, this list is actually tiny when you get "into it" but I just don't know enough about people beyond this list to make a judgement call. I may know their name. I may know a few sermons they've given. Even with some of these names, I wish I knew a little more - but from what I do know - this is it.

Also, if you strongly disagree with me - I'm all ears. I'd love to hear your opinion and reasoning. I do not believe myself to be supreme in understanding and knowledge. I very well would not even dare put myself in the top tier. I am likely a "Mostly Recommend" kind of tier. So, please enlighten me. Is there reason to move someone up? Is there reason to move someone down? Side note: It would be very difficult to convince me to move Steven Furtick down on my list - I know how many reformers have a disdain for the man, but I just cant. I truly enjoy his preaching style, his sermons are typically on point and timely. I believe he is closer to a modern-day prophet than he is a teacher or pastor. His sermons are nearly always rhema-centered and in-season.

I once again want to reiterate. I have listened to sermons, teachings or podcasts by many of these individuals. I have studied their teachings or doctrines, I understand their leaning. I believe a mature believer can likely gain something from all (yes, all) of these teachers. So, if you find yourself listening to a sermon and enjoy every bit of it - but, ONE thing did not sit right, it is okay. A slight difference in doctrine may come up. I am a walking contradiction myself. Most people do not think I should be a Charismatic Calvinist (i.e. Sam Storms, Matt Chandler) but here I am. I love my charismatic church leaders, but they typically have more discrepancies in their doctrine than the reformed teacher. The main area of discrepancy in reformed teaching is in modern-day gifts of the Spirit. Other than that, most reformed teachers are incredibly sound and offer a different view than I have been accustomed to.

I hope this list will help my readers understand the Christian Leaders that I personally support and agree with theologically/doctrinally.

Thankful for each reader this November,


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