Bob Jones, Chiefs and Revival

Quite a different look from the 2021 Super Bowl ending. Mahomes was not celebrating victory, but rather mourning an absolutely humbling loss.

Friends, I have so much to write to you and communicate with you. I have decided rather than keep swirling things together in a bottomless pit of thought and insight, I will take it one thing at a time. Moving forward I will attempt to write shorter blogs, but more often. Here is a lineup of either blogs/podcasts coming in February-March, perhaps even into April.

- Corporate Worship & Prayer and how they differ from Personal Worship & Prayer

- Love without knowledge and Discernment is not of God

- Defending the gift of Prophecy but not the Prophets

- Defending the gift of Tongues while finding fault in Pentecostalism's belief in Tongues

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- No, you can not "pray hard enough"

- Resting in God's sovereignty

Likely more will naturally come up, but these are all things I've been researching/writing about for the past week or two. Unfortunately, I have not completed any - so I am putting my foot down and finishing one thing at a time. I start with the most time-sensitive piece: Bob Jones, Chiefs and Revival.

In 2020 a big kick in Charismatic camps was, "Did you know that Bob Jones prophesied if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl we will experience a great revival?" Well, some could argue that we are experiencing a revival, with the likes of Sean Feucht. Or you could argue that we are not experiencing a revival. The Christian church is continually losing members and continually becoming more compromised. So was Bob Jones right?

Link from 2020 about the expected Revival.

The ironic thing is that Bob Jones (from what I can tell) never actually revealed this prophetic word to the general public. He just "told many people" before he passed away. Mike Bickle is actually the one to come out and tell everyone the story. Now, please note, I am not saying that Mike is lying - I'm just pointing out that this was never a prophetic word given to a church or a collection of people, rather just something Bob Jones would say in passing to his friends. "When the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, it is a sign of a great end-times revival and the Apostolic Chiefs will rise up!" Well, at least that is what we are told he said.

The Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl in 2020. In fact, they continued to dominate and went 14-2 this season. I argue there was a chance Mahomes could have won another MVP if he played their final regular season game. Well, as fate would have it - as hard as it may be - they were able to once again make it to the Super Bowl in 2021. This time, strong favorites to win.

Old reliable, Mr. Tom Brady himself lined up across from the new, game-changing Mahomes. The stage was set. Personally, I secretly (not so secretly) rooted for the Chiefs all season. I wished the Chiefs would once again win. However, I began to wonder as the Super Bowl approached. What if the Chiefs lose this Super Bowl? If we assume the Chiefs winning meant revival, could we also assume them returning immediately just to LOSE has spiritual significance?

I am not a prophet. I am not speaking from "God told me" or "God impressed upon me..." I am saying this: In 2020 we were so quick to shout for Bob Jones, revival and good things. Why in 2021 do we not take this same scenario and assume perhaps it means the opposite? I am shocked to find I am the only person on the internet that seems to think this as a possibility. How come there are absolutely no doom and gloom prophetic words? Scripturally, it was far more common to see the theme: "Repent and I will relent."

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself, because I intend on writing a more intensive piece on prophecy. My goal in this is merely to speculate could Brady winning spiritually signify the death of Bob Jones' prophetic utterance? Is it at all possible the great revival we long for is actually a great apostate (studying deeper now)? Did you know that most Reformed theologians do not believe in another great revival, they believe in an apostate. I'm not against hoping for revival and praying for revival - but revival occurs on the back of the saints delighting in God, the gospel, understanding their own depravity, Christ's sacrifice and great delight in being sealed to the Holy Spirit.

So you want revival? Preach the Gospel. Don't pray for revival then tell me you're too scared to tell your friends they are dead in their sin and bound for hell. God reveals faith, He readies the ground of the sinner's heart. We must scatter seed and only concern ourselves with being faithful in always scattering seed and scattering the CORRECT seed.

I am hopeful for revival. Why not just wish for a good thing? Why not pray for a good thing? Why not insist to God as Paul did? Can we not pursue Gospel truth? Voddie Baucham recently preached a sermon titled, "We Must Fight." In which he says, love and truth can fight apologetically. I look to Paul in Acts 19 who fought until their stubbornness won out.

And he entered the synagogue and for three months spoke boldly, reasoning and persuading them about the kingdom of God. But when some became stubborn and continued in unbelief, speaking evil of the Way before the congregation, he withdrew from them and took the disciples with him, reasoning daily in the hall of Tyrannus. This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks. - Acts 19:8-10

We could all admit, I am rambling at this point. My point is this: prophetic words or not, we should all yearn for the good news to be preached. We should all honestly seek God and ask for more to come to know Him. Each of us have friends, family, co-workers that are bound for hell and we need to tell them the Gospel. We ought to be reasoning, persuading and preaching to them the Gospel. Perhaps one of my favorite things I heard this past week was from a podcast I listen to where he says, "I was atheist for a long time. Many people tried to convince me why God was real - but none of them gave me the Gospel until this elderly lady at a bus stop told me I was a sinner and bound for hell. It was her words that rang out to me when I hit a low and realized that I was nothing more than a wretched being in need of saving."

Until man understands the depravity of their own souls, they wont believe they need a savior. They wont understand the need of Jesus. Pray for their understanding to be granted to them on account of God's grace. Pray they see they are a sinner bound to their sin. Pray they cry out to God for salvation. Preach the Gospel.

Revival could come - but only on the backs of those with beautiful feet. (note Romans 10:15)

Think on it,


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